About The RoyaLand Company Ltd.

The RoyaLand Company Ltd. (the “Company,” or “RoyaLand;” intended Nasdaq symbol: RLND) is a Bermuda holding company founded by the Prince of Italy Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and seven other royal families, and is focused on creating an immersive, AI-enabled, royalty-themed online role-playing gaming experience using digital humans called myRoyal.World. The Company’s business models are primarily centered around TheRoyal.Land, the first historically inspired, monarchy-themed, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG. The Company is developing these products in collaboration with its founder, the Monaco-based grandson of the last King of Italy, who holds the titles of His Royal Highness, Prince of Venice, Prince of Piedmont, and the hereditary “Prince of Italy.” RoyaLand also has the support and affiliation of seven other Royal Families in Russia, Albania, France, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Lesotho, and Mecklenburg. TheRoyal.Land is intended to deliver this unique past-meets-future entertainment experience.

The Company is currently in the development phase for TheRoyal.Land and myRoyal.World, and has entered into a project agreement with Neosperience S.p.A. who will design and develop TheRoyal.Land using AI-enabled technology. Neosperience plans to use AI models to create complex and dynamic in-game environments and realistic and emotive characters and to assist with dynamically adjusting the difficulty level and game balance in real-time based on player behavior and performance to keep the game challenging yet rewarding. For example, Neosperience’s AI-enabled technology can imbue non-player characters, or NPCs, with various behaviors, which we believe makes them seem more lifelike and responsive thereby enhancing player immersion and creating a more engaging gameplay experience.

Additionally, Neosperience intends to use advanced modeling and rendering techniques to create realistic player characters and NPCs that dynamically interact utilizing a full range of human-like emotions, reactions, and movements (“digital humans”) giving them a depth of character which we believe is rarely seen in video games.

The Company’s objective is to capitalize on the expanding video games market -- with worldwide revenue expected to grow to approximately $366B in 2023 according to Statista -- by connecting and engaging with players from around the world through epic royalty-themed entertainment and becoming a worldwide leader in the development, publishing, and distribution of high-quality interactive entertainment content and services as well as related media delivering engaging entertainment experiences to its network of connected players on a year-round basis.

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